Upcoming Talks and Events

An update on some of our upcoming talks and events:

26/10/2022  4 pm (UK time) – Dr Matt Segall and Dr Bruce Damer will be presenting on ‘The Hot Spring Hypothesis and its Cosmological Context’. Note that this talk will be at 4 pm rather than 3 pm, so an hour later than our regular time.

30/11/2022 3 pm (UK time) – Dr Chelsea Haramia will be presenting on ‘Astrobiological Searches for Life and Shared Knowledge’.

01/03/2023 3 pm (UK time) – Dr Margaret Boone Rappaport and Dr Chris Corbally will be presenting on ‘Rescue and Recovery as a Theological Principle: Can It Be Chance for First Contact?’

We will also be holding a conference at Leeds Trinity University on 10/12/2022. You may have seen the CFA I sent out a few weeks ago. We now have our speakers, so if you’d like to attend as an audience member then send me an email and I will reserve you a place (lunch will be provided). I will send out a more formal announcement with an official conference outline in the next few weeks, but you can pencil it in to your diaries now if you’d like.

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