Talk Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, at 3 pm (UK time), we are lucky enough to be joined by Ted Peters who will be delivering a talk on the relationship between UFOlogy and astrobiology. If you would like to join us then send us a message using our ‘Contact Us’ page and we will send you an invite.

Details of the talk below.

Title: Will UFOlogists and Astrobiologists Dine at the Same BBQs?


Renegade scientists among our UFO investigators seek to explain UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) with the extraterrestrial hypothesis in mind. Within the nest of safe science, astrobiologists believe extraterrestrial life exists on exoplanets but deny that the aliens are visiting here. Both work with a scientific mindset. Both believe in the “ETI Myth.” But astrobiologists shun ufologists. Can we invite both ufologists and astrobiologists to enjoy each other’s company at the same barbecue?

Ted Peters is author of UFOs: God’s Chariots? Spirituality, Ancient Aliens, and Religious Yearnings in the Age of Extraterrestrials (Career Press New Page Books, 2014). He is also co-editor of a recent book, Astrotheology: Science and Theology Meet Extraterrestrial Life (Cascade Books, 2018). As a scholar, he specializes in the interaction between science and religion. He is a past MUFON field investigator and once served as MUFON’s Louisiana State Director. He currently serves as co-editor of the journal, Theology and Science.  Visit his website [] and his blog post, “Would confirmation of extraterrestrial intelligent life cause a crisis for terrestrial religion?”. If you have time and you are particularly keen, in preparation you can read his article, “Astrotheology’s contribution to public theology: from the ETI Myth to Astroethics.”

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